~ from our customers~
I was a customer of Eviva Design last January. It was my Goddaughters Baptism and I wanted
some beautiful and girlie yet simple pieces and I got everything I wanted. All of the pieces turned
out perfectly and we got a lot of comments on how beautiful they all were. I was thrilled when I
saw everything finished.

I was also very happy with the service. I received everything in time for the big day and never
had to worry about anything not being finished.  The possibilities are endless and I have no
doubt that Eviva Design can create pieces that will match what you dream your pieces will look
like in order to make your Baptism or Wedding unforgettable. I highly recommend you use Eviva
Design for your next event.
                                                                                          Despina, Sacramento, CA
I received the martirikia and diaper case today.  The martirikia are absolutely spectacular....and
the diaper case is beautiful.   Exactly what I wanted....thank you for everything.!!  Finally.....,
someone who makes a more modern martirki......I had gotten sooooo tired of the 70's looking
pins and ribbons that reminded me of my own baptism.....
thank you, thank you , thank you...
                                                                                                             Northridge, CA
I stumbled across EvivaDesign.com accidentally when I was in a bind and needed additional
martirika a week before my Godson's Christening.  I reached out to Penny and she was absolutely
so helpful. She provided me with exactly what I was looking for in no time!!  She shipped them out
the same day . . . AMAZING.  They were better than the ones I had ordered from Greece!  I wish I
would have known about Eviva Design earlier, but I can't stop raving about her service and
products.  I will be sure to visit again soon!  Thanks again for all your help.

                                                                                     Anna Himariotis  Bayside, NY
I had scoured the websites looking for the perfect details for my Godson’s Baptism.   I was having
such a hard time finding up-to-date accessories for Baptisms- everything out there was so out-
dated!  I was running out of time so I had already settled on another company’s products when I
came across the Eviva website.   I was thrilled to see that Eviva carried items directly from
Greece, and it was such a delight to finally find contemporary, trendy, but still very delicate and
exquisite Baptismal accessories.   I was even more pleased when I had a conversation with
Penny, who absorbed every detail of my request for the perfect Lambada and Martirika, and
assured me that I would not be disappointed, even as a last minute request.    I was immediately
assured and so confident that she could meet my expectation that I canceled my order with the
previous company.
When I received the Lambada and Martirika, I was completely elated!  Everything was absolutely
stunning- even more breath-taking than what I had imagined.  The products were not only
beautiful but very well made, and a touch of class was present in every detail of the work.  
Thank you Penny for being so wonderful to work with, handling my requests, concerns, and
exceeding my expectations!  

                                                                                      Maria Giakoumatos Germantown,
Living in South FLorida we have very few options for the traditional items needed for my
daughter's baptism.  After I ordered the favors from another website and I thought I ordered the
martirika, THe owner called me to tell me she was all out of what I wanted.  So now I was
running out of time & needed martirika.  I contacted Penny via the website and she contacted me
immediately.  She made suggestions of what would look good and emailed me a picture of what
the pins would look like ASAP.  Within a few days the everything was ordered and within a week
I had my martirika!  They were beautiful!  We got so many compliments at the baptism.
I wish I knew about Penny for my wedding!  We have my Goddaughter's baptism coming up.  I
can't wait to work with her!
                                                                                                                  Antonia Pasvantis,
Pompano Beach, FL