Traditional Martirika
Modern Mother of Pear cross
any ribbon color combinations
cross available in ivory, pink,
add your favorite evil eye
Price: $29.00 per doz
Minimum order is 5 dozen for printed ribbon
Imprinted 3/8 ribbon with child's name and baptism date also available.
$5.00 additional charge per dozen
TM1106 large elegant
cross $25.00 per doz
These Martirika are made with high quality ribbon and are hand stitched, not glued or stabled.  You can mix and match
your favorite cross with your favorite design.
 These designed can also be made with pink OR white ribbon.

                                    Click on the images for a larger view.
Special Ribbons available for Parents, Godparents, and Grandparents
Please request them with your order.
An addition charge will be applied.
TM1109  Price:$20
with imprinted ribbon
TM1101   Price:$23
with imprinted ribbon
TM1102   Price:$23
TM1103   Price:$22
TM1104   Price:$18
TM1105   Price:$16
TM1108   Price:$15
TM1110   Price:$15
TM1111   Price:$15
TM1102   Price:$23
TM1102   Price:$23
TM1102   Price:$23
TM1112   Price:$19
TM1113  Price:$18
TM1114   Price:$27
includes inprinted ribbon
TM1115  Price:$18
TM1116  Price:$22
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