Ladopana and Towels Set
Gorgeous Ladopana Designs - Imported from Greece- Entire Sets or separate pieces (Outfit with hat, Sheet, Large Towel and small towel Set) White or
Ivory 100% cotton and excellent craftsmanship
New!!! Embroidered Towel Set & Silk
Garment Bags
Price: $25.00 embroidery fee
New!!! Embroidered Silk
Garment Bag
A beautiful way to take the
baptismal outfit to the church and
a great keepsake to store the
Price: $60.00
Baptism Bibs
Price: $14.50
Embroidered Towel
Set with no ruffel
Embroidered Towel
Set with ruffel
100% of thef finest Greek
Cotton undergarments
Sail boat
Price: $25.00
Minervakia girl set: $22.00
Minervakia Boys Tanks: $9.50 SALE: $7.50
CKBX1S- Cotton Knit
w/Embroidered Cross
Size 3, 6, 9, &
Price: $19.00